Description: Gil Ben-Dov is a 20-year technology veteran with experience at industry leaders Cisco Systems, ResMed, and Air Liquide. He currently serves as the CEO for Total Phase and has held the role since October 2014. Prior to that appointment, Gil served as VP/General Manager, from 2013-2014. He was previously director of sales, joining Total Phase in 2012.


Posts by Gil:

The Synergetic Advancement of USB-IF Specifications and the Promira Serial Platform for Cable Testing

Last week we wrapped up another USB-IF Compliance Workshop – “Plugfest” – in Portland. This was the 100th event, quite a huge milestone. The first event I attended was in the year 2000 or so in Milpitas, technology goals have certainly advanced since then!

Even compared to a year ago, the USB world is in a much different place. Type-C/Po...

Financial Savings for Business Owners and Engineers Using Total Phase Protocols

 Total Phase - Financial Savings for Business Owners & Engineers Using Total Phase Protocols

 Saving Money Using Total Phase Protocol Analyzers and Host Adapters

If you are looking for embedded systems solutions at affordable prices, look no further. Total Phase delivers powerful and reliable tools and services without compromising quality for quantity, offering competitive prices for products that ou...

Total Phase at the Embedded World 2016, Nurenburg Germany

Held annually in Nurenburg, Germany, Embedded World 2016 was the largest, most exciting yet.  Hundreds of exhibitors displaying their latest embedded technology innovation to thousands of visitors makes it a fun event.

Figure1: Total Phase booth at Embedded World 2016

The Total Phase exhibits ran the spectrum:  We debuted the best...

How Much Impact Does the Type-C Connector Have on Your Interconnect Designs and the Market You Can Reach? How about the USB Power Delivery Analyzer?

“Given the substantial use of USB for IoT and non-IoT developments, the Type-C™ connector should have an impressive impact on interconnect designs and developments.”

The USB Type-C Connector: USB will never be the same”, Embedded Computing Design (Sept 17, 2015), written by Dr. Jerry Krasner, Ph. D., Vice President of Embedded Market ...

Why Suffer the Cost-Effective Dilemma of Either Lower Cost or Higher Performance? The Total Phase Promira Serial Platform Gives You Both.

“This upswing and push for new capabilities creates a budgetary dilemma for many embedded engineers. ”  

Changes are coming in established driver interface protocols” Embedded Computing Design (Sept 24, 2015), written by Dr. Jerry Krasner, Ph. D., Vice President of Embedded Market Forecasters raises many points of the challenges and op...

USB Power Delivery Analyzer Summary and Resources

Earlier this week we announced the availability of a new product – the USB Power Delivery Analyzer.  With a very competitive price point, this early entrant into the ecosystem is a Type-C connector sniffing dongle, able to act as USB 3.1 Gen 2 data pass through while simultaneously recording traffic on CC1 or CC2.   Your HDMI, DVI, and Thun...

Latest Tools for Embedded SPI and I2C Devices, Boards, Systems and IoT

Committed to providing intelligent, robust tools for aggressive test, development and analysis requirements, we have released two new applications for the Promira™ Serial Platform for the advanced high-speed SPI and I2C protocols: SPI Active - Level 3 and I2C Active – Level 2 Applications.

These applications instantly expand the Promira™ S...

USB-IF: Hub compliance, Power measurement and more

Aloha from Honolulu, Hawaii.
We're in town for the USB-IF annual meeting and a compliance workshop.

Total Phase USB-IF test suite in action Great view and enjoyable work

As you see from the picture, Tom and I drew a pretty nice assignment this week.  In this particular case (inset photo), we were using two Beagle USB 5000 v2 Protocol Analyzers - Ultimate Edition to measure performan...

Reading Device ID from SPI Flash Using the Cheetah Host Adapter

Starting with the recent Design West Conference, we've had a focus on SPI programming over the last several weeks.  We recently added support for all Spansion Serial NOR Flash Memory and the latest Micron memory as well - The new version of Flash Center Software will be released on our website this coming Monday, May 20th.

Today's blog post com...

Support Question of the Week - USB Power Management

Q:  I have a Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer. I need to know if it does support LPM-L1 and, if it does not, which product of yours would support it.

A: LPM-L1 is one level (LPM-L2 is the other) of the power management aspect of the USB 2.0 specification.  We do decode LPM packets and will show the suspend/resume events for USB 2.  The real-t...