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USB Type-C is Gaining Even More Popularity

What is USB Type-C?

USB-C represents the next generation of Universal Serial Bus (USB), an industry standard that offers specifications for the cables and connectors that are used to connect peripheral devices to computers, facilitate data transfer, and charge mobile devices, laptops, and tablets.

When USB 1.0, the first generation of USB, was ...

I2C Protocol Testing: Validation Checklist for Embedded Systems

What is the I2C Protocol?

Engineers developing embedded systems have several options when it comes to selecting a communication protocol for their hardware device. One such option, the I2C communication protocol, offers unique advantages that make it an attractive choice for engineers.

The inter-integrated circuit or I2C communication protocol ...

SPI Protocol: The Speed Your Embedded Systems Need

Future trends in embedded systems will include revolutionary technologies such as embedded security, real-time data visualization, network connectivity, and the IoT, and deep learning capabilities. Whether you plan to leverage the latest technology in machine learning to build a self-driving car or you're building out a new security system for ...

5 Ways Machine Learning Technology Will Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever asked yourself?

• What is machine learning technology?
• How is the latest machine learning technology being used today?
• What is the connection between machine learning and AI?
• How will machine learning technology make life easier or better?

Machine learning is a programming methodology used to automate the constructio...

Test Automation Solutions: 5 Things to Expect in 2019


Quality assurance teams that work with embedded systems are adopting test automation solutions in record numbers to deal with the immense challenges associated with properly QA testing embedded systems. When it comes to IoT devices, the multitude of platforms and devices working within the environment makes a manual approach to product testing...

Technology and Our Future: Everything You Need to Know About IoT

Digital technology has advanced leaps and bounds in an extremely short time frame. The first IBM personal computers were released in 1982 and personal computing became a worldwide phenomenon in just a few years, showing the massive impact of technology.

The world wide web, created by Tim Berners-Lee, was invented in 1989, just 4 years after the...

7 Tools Everyone in the Embedded Systems Industry Should Be Using

For those unfamiliar, an embedded system is a combination of computer hardware and software. Like all computers, embedded systems run on a hardware platform that is built around a microcontroller or a microprocessor. They also include other features like a power supply, timers, internal memory, and serial communication ports that allow them to ...

Why We Love Embedded Systems Engineers

Embedded systems engineers (ESEs) can be some of the most talented people we meet. On top of the rich educational background and skill set of an embedded systems engineer, which includes expertise in computer programming, electrical engineering, and systems design and security, they are also responsible for many of the latest life-changing innov...

3 Ways to Improve Your Artificial Intelligence Programming

When most people think about artificial intelligence, they think of the smart robotic assistants we see portrayed in science fiction films - the kind that can bring you a drink, carry a conversation, or remind you to leave the house with an umbrella.

In some ways, the media and film industry has warped our view of what artificial intelligence r...

Protocol Analyzer: Must Know the Advantages for Embedded Systems

Embedded systems engineers use a variety of skills and tools to build and program products that contain embedded computing systems. Along with coding software, software debugging programs, and simulators, most embedded systems engineers make use of a protocol analyzer, a specialized diagnostic tool that can be used to monitor bus traffic across...