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What Are the Most Important Features About USB Standard-A and Micro-B Cables? And Type-C too?

What Are the Most Important Features About USB Standard-A and Micro-B Cables? And Type-C too?

For the vendor, the seller, and the consumer, everyone agrees – performance and safety are the most important features of any cable. With advancing technology and market demand, increasing number of devices are shipping with USB Type-C connectors and ...

Easing the Integration of Embedded Hardware with Embedded Software?

Embedded systems.  Often the hardware is designed by one group and then handed to the software team to design the other half of the project. This can lead to assumptions about hardware functionality that may result in a difficult debugging process.

In the article Minimizing risk: embedded software and today's medical devices, Stephen Olson desc...

USB Cables and Ports and Consumer Electronics: Type-C Brings More Options

How USB Cables Have Been

USB is ever-present in consumer electronics, allowing consumers to easily interface one device to another: add external storage to a tablet; connect a smartphone to your laptop to charge the phone and while you’re at it, sync files - transfer videos from your digital camera to your computer for editing.  No training. ...

How the Updated USB Specification Could Save your Device.

There is good news for the consumer market. The USB-IF just released the USB Power Delivery Firmware Update Specification! Who is USB-IF and why is this USB Power Delivery Specification important for consumers?

The USB Implementers Forum (also known as USB-IF) is a non-profit corporation made up of a group of companies that have come together t...

How Can I View the Resistor Values of a USB Type-C Cable with the USB Power Delivery Analyzer?

Question from the Customer:

We’re testing our new design, a Type-C captured cable AC home charger, with your USB Power Delivery Analyzer.

 USB Power Delivery Analyzer
USB Power Delivery Analyzer

The charger is not a Power Delivery (PD) device, but it is Type-C compliant. Looking at the data, we saw that the 5V VBUS was active at T=0 and the phone started char...

The Evolution to USB Type-C Headphones

USB Type-C is still relatively new, but even as we get used to what it means for data and video use-cases, additional exciting new uses are being developed, such as USB Type-C as the main interface for headphones. Many industry leaders are touting the move from the 3.5mm jack to the USB Type-C port. It will be interesting to see how this move tu...

Total Phase, Type-C USB Power Delivery Analyzer and the USB-IF Workshop

This month Total Phase has two new developments to share in the USB space about the new Type-C and Power Delivery technologies.

First, Total Phase recently attended the USB-IF Workshop in Portland, Oregon. At this “plugfest” we observed improved product behavior during testing as compared to the last event held, which was just 3 months ago. ...

Capture & Decode Power Delivery Protocol on Any Platform Using Data Center

Last week we had big news for USB Type-C: we released the first version of Data Center Software supporting capture & decode of the Power Delivery protocol! Along with this, we started shipping our updated USB Power Delivery Analyzer.

Previously if you needed insight into what was happening when you plugged in a Type-C product, it was necessary t...