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Control Center Serial Software Series: Support for a Variety of I2C Applications

The Control Center Serial Software is one of the free GUI applications offered by Total Phase.  It is designed specifically to work with our host adapter products allowing users to emulate a master or slave by quickly issuing Read and Write commands over an I2C or SPI bus.  This easy-to-use software tool can perform a variety of funct...

Why Can't I Add More USB-C Ports to my USB Type-C Host with a Hub?

USB Type-C – One Cable to Rule Them All

USB Type-C was created to bring faster speeds and compatibility across all varieties of electronic devices. The idea was to create one cable and one specification that manufacturers would adopt for all new devices (you may have noticed every new phone being introduced to the market has a USB-C port o...

National Macintosh Computer Day

Happy National Macintosh Computer Day!


From Dress up your Pet Day to Squirrel Appreciation Day, the list of creative holidays never ceases to amaze. Today, in case you didn’t know is Macintosh Computer day so we get to spend a moment to appreciate Apple Macintosh computers.


The History of Macintosh and Personal Computing


The Mac was or...

Total Phase at ESC Boston 2019

Being new to Total Phase, whenever the opportunity to travel comes my way, I do my very best to take it! This time, that opportunity took me all the way across the United States to Boston for the Embedded Systems Conference. I had never been to Boston or the ESC show, so to say the least, I was pretty excited.

Total Phase at ESC Boston 2019

The Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol ...