Description: Annie Lu recently graduated from UCLA with a BA in Communication Studies with Computing Specialization. She joined Total Phase upon graduating and is now the technical sales rep for the Eastern territory. Annie enjoys helping customers pick the right Total Phase product to solve their problems and learning about the technology behind embedded tools and their applicaitons. Her favorite free time activities include traveling and finding new places to eat.


Posts by Annie:

Total Phase at Embedded World 2019

It’s a Total Phase tradition to exhibit and meet our European customers at the annual Embedded World show in Nuremberg, Germany. The buzz this year is around autonomous driving and IoT – and Total Phase solutions play a big role in both of these areas.

Total Phase at Embedded World 2019

Key Host Adapters and Protocol Analzyers

We showcased our Promira Serial Platform and ...

Canary Connect Use Case: Using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter to Make Homes Safer with Embedded Technology

key-2114046_1280Embedded technology is everywhere – hidden behind the scenes of the different electronics we use every day. One of the most interesting things I find working in the embedded industry is learning about how people in various trades use technology, and how our tools help them develop the products we use every day — from wearables and consume...

USB-IF Compliance at Taipei and the Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester

UPDATE 2019-05-31: Total Phase has released the new Advanced Cable Tester v2, a successor to the original product mentioned below.  The original version is no longer supported. Click here to learn more about the Advanced Cable Tester v2.


The USB-IF Compliance Workshop in Taipei  November 7-12 marked the end of my 4-week trip in Asia – ac...

USB-IF Developer Days in Hong Kong - Total Phase Introduces Type-C Tools

As a Level-3 typhoon hit Hong Kong, the room for USB-IF Developer Days was filled with excitement over the newest technology in USB. Total Phase attended the USB-IF Developer Days on 10/19-20 in Hong Kong to showcase our newest Type C solutions - the Advanced Cable Tester and USB Power Delivery Analyzer.

 Gil Ben-Dove, CEO of Total Phase

Annie Lu, Technical Sales of Total Phase

Gil Ben-Dove, CEO


Total Phase Tools and the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston

I was excited to meet our East Coast customers at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston that happened on April 13th and April 14th. We introduced our customers to and updated them on our of I2C, SPI, eSPI, USB, and CAN tools, including our newest USB Type C Power Delivery Analyzer and the eSPI Analysis Application for the Promira Serial Pl...

USB-IF in Taiwan - our International Colleagues are Excited About Type-C Connector and our USB Power Delivery Analyzer

It’s an exciting time to be at the forefront of technology. For the USB world, the new USB Type-C connector and Power Delivery protocol sparked great interest and created a lot of energy at the recent USB-IF Plug Fest and Developer Days in Taipei, Taiwan. I was lucky enough to represent Total Phase with our CEO Gil Ben-Dov at both events. ...