Auto update - a week for A2B (Automotive Audio Bus)

We just spent a week in Detroit and as you'd expect, the trip had an automotive focus. I started this trip off by coming in a day early to spend a little time getting to know the area and learn a little more about the history of the industry.  What better place to start than with the Ford Museum, located on Piquette Avenue at the site  of the ...

What is the Best Software to Use with the Komodo CAN Solo Interface to Read Complete Data?

Question from the Customer:

I am using the Komodo CAN Solo Interface with Komodo GUI Software to run a CAN module from a Linux host system. I am sending data through the General CAN Mode.  My concern is when reviewing the data log 3 out of 8 bytes of data at the receiving end are masked.

For example, if I intend to send deadbeef55667788, the C...

How Can I Best Update the Aardvark Software API to Promira Software API When I Need to Maintain Specific IP Addresses?

Question from the Customer:

I recently purchased the Promira Serial Platform to replace the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter. I am trying to “hand over” the Aardvark Software API code to the Promira Software API I2C/SPI Active code.

aardvark-250  Promira Serial Platform

At first, I tried using the Promira Aardvark Wrapper Software API to update the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host ...

Is Ground Electrically Isolated From the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter when I Apply External Power to the SPI Device?

 Cheetah SPI Host Adapter

Question from the Customer:

I understand the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter comes with the option of using either an external power supply or the Cheetah adapter (with power from the USB bus I assume) to drive the SPI output.

My question is about ground - if I am using an external power supply to drive the SPI device output, is the ground from the...

Which Tools Can I Use to Test and Analyze the Functions and Power Delivery of USB Type-C Cables?

Question from the Customer:

I am looking for a USB Type-C cable functional tester – I need to analyze the performance of the cable per specifications as well as power delivery. What recommendations do you have?

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question!  We recommend using two of our products: Advanced Cable Tester and USB Po...

Using a Beagle USB Protocol Analyzer, How Do I Trigger and Capture Data?

Question from the Customer:

I am using the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer. I read through all the documentation, but could not find anything that fully explains how to enable triggers. Also, that feature is grayed out in the Data Center Software under Device Settings.

How do I enable the triggers? Also, can you tell me about the Digital I/O?


Which Tools Work Best for Emulating I2C MDIO Signals?

Question from the Customer:

I have been using the Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer for MDIO monitoring. However, now I need something to actually drive the bus with transactions to the PHY/switch. MDIO and MDC are open-drain signals, so anything that works with I2C should also be able to provide MDIO.

My question, does Total Phase have a GPIO de...

How Do I Set Up an Android so the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer Will Recognize it as the Host?

Question from the Customer:

How do I use the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer with an Android device?

With my current settings, the Data Center Software is not recognizing my tablet as a host. I'm using an OTG cable to let the tablet know it is a host. Communication with my USB device also works. The tablet keeps showing “host disconnected”...

How Do I Increase Write Size to an I2C EEPROM when Using the Flash Center Software?

Question from the Customer:

I have been using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter with the Control Center Serial Software in batch mode. With the current project, I need to read/write several I2C EEPROMs, STMicro EEPROM M24C02-W, so I switched over to Flash Center Software for its speed in programming devices.

So far, with Flash Center Software, ...

Signs You Need to Check in the VBUS for the Root of Your USB Problem

When your USB system isn’t working as expected and you’re experiencing system failure or other unexplainable issues, it can be tough to pinpoint the root cause of the bug. While there are countless possible reasons, one in particular may be overlooked, and that is having a bug on the USB VBUS.


Signs to Look For

What are the signs that you...