How Can I Decode TPM with the Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer?

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Question from the Customer:

We have protocol analyzers that support SPI, but none of them have the ability to decode a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that protects embedded system applications. Can your Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer decode TPM?

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question! Our Beagle ...

Data Center Software Series: Real-Time Debugging with LiveDisplay, LiveSearch, LiveFilter

The Data Center Software is Total Phase’s bus monitoring software that allows users to interface with our protocol analyzers, including the line of Beagle protocol analyzers, the eSPI analyzer, and the Komodo CAN Duo Interface. The software has quickly become an industry favorite when it comes to bus analyzing due to its eas...

I Need to Transfer 24-bit Words to Configure an SPI Device – What are my Options?

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Illustration by Geralt

Question from the Customer:

I am using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and Aardvark Software API, specifically the aardvark.c file. I am following the examples on the Total Phase website to create a set of SPI transactions. However, configuring one of the SPI devices requires 24-bit transactions. To do so, I ...

Differences Between Input and Output (I/O) Devices and their Role in Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are comprised of various hardware components that allow it perform its intended function. These components usually include a processor such as a microcontroller or microprocessor, a power supply, timers/counters, input and output devices, memory, and communication ports such as CAN, SPI, I2C, USB, Ethernet, UA...

Flash Center Software Series: Supported Memory Devices + Adding a New Device

Programming memory devices is a vital part of the construction of electronic devices. Microchips and memory devices are incredible technological innovations, but by themselves can’t perform its intended function. A microchip requires code to give the chip life, purpose, and instructions to perform an executable task. Once co...

How Do I Program a Standard I2C Device that Is More than Non-Volatile Memory?

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Question from the Customer:

We are looking for an I2C Flash programmer, and are reviewing the specifications of your Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter . We see your adapter can program Flash memory devices. Can it also program Flash memory on ASIC devices, such as the Microchip DAC MCP47CMBXX? This DAC is more than a ...