Embedded Software vs Embedded Firmware

When building embedded systems, both embedded software and firmware are used in combination to implement code that controls the machine or device and allows it to perform its unique function.

Embedded software and firmware are similar in many aspects, but are quite different in their purpose and role within each embedded system...

What Does the Advanced Cable Tester v2 Measure Cables and How Accurate are the Measurements?

Accurate measurements of USB type-C and HDMI cables

Photo from ID005645

Question from the Customer:

I have a new project that includes evaluating two types of cables: USB Type-C to USB Type-C and HDMI.  Before I get started, I have a few questions about the Advanced Cable Tester v2 (ACT v2):

  • When testing the signal integrity at 10Ghz level, which data pattern does it use for the...

Which Applications Support Programming I2C EEPROMs Byte by Byte?

Photo by Negative Space

Question from the Customer:

To flash I2C EEPROMs, I plan to use the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter. The EEPROMs will be programmed byte by byte. Eventually, this will be an automated process. There seem to be many software tools that could be applied – which do you recommend for my application?

Response from ...