What are the differences between DisplayPort vs HDMI?

Display Port vs. HDMIOriginal photo by Csaba Nagy

HDMI and DisplayPort are the two recognized standards for transmitting video and audio data over a single cable. Throughout the years, these two standards have evolved greatly with each new specification, each providing enhanced performance and capabilities, including major increases in bandwidth, speed, and ot...

Is there a Way to Adjust the Duty Cycle of the I2C Master Clock?

How to manage a locked I2C bus.Source: JanBaby 

Question from the Customer:

When I use Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter on a board for I2C, and the pull-ups are weak (10K on board, Aardvark adapter pull-ups are not enabled), the I2C transactions work fine with 100 KHz. But if I change the bitrate to 400 KHz, I2C transactions quickly fail with status code 6 - the bus is l...

How Medical Embedded Systems Transformed the Healthcare Industry

An embedded system is a mix of hardware and software that works as a computing system within a larger system. The embedded system dates back to aeronautics in the 1960s when astronauts used Charles Stark Draper’s integrated circuit to collect flight data in real time. Since then, and with the explosive growth of technology and cloud c...

With the Promira Serial Platform, How Do I Set the SPI Clock to 0 Volts after Closing the SPI Device?

Question from the Customer:

I am using the Promira Serial Platform to drive an SPI bus. For this application, I am using the Promira Software API I2C/SPI Active wrapped in my custom code. My issue: I need the clock (SCLK) to reach 0V in its off state, but so far, that is not yet achieved.

What I see:

  1. I have a scope channel probe in...