How Do I Connect the Signals from an Automobile Radio to a Komodo CAN Solo Interface?

Question from the Customer:

Can the CAN-H, CAN-L, and ground from an automobile radio that has been removed from a vehicle be connected directly to the Komodo CAN Solo Interface?  I’m looking to transmit CAN messages to the radio using the Komodo interface directly – will additional wiring be needed? Power will be supplied to the radio through a separate power supply. Automobile radio to be set up to communicate with Komodo CAN Solo InterfacesResponse from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question!  The radio can be connected to the Komodo interface to transmit CAN messages. The CAN-H, CAN-L and Ground from your target device can be connected directly to CAN+, CAN- and GND respectively of the Komodo terminals: DB-9 connector or the terminal block.

The IO Pin-out of the Komodo Interface Terminals

Here is the pin-out of the DB-9 connector:


Pin 1: No Connect
Pin 2: CAN-
Pin 3: GND
Pin 4: No Connect
Pin 5: SHLD
Pin 6: GND
Pin 7: CAN+
Pin 8: No Connect
Pin 9: V+

Here is the pin-out of the terminal block:


Pin1: GND
Pin 2: CAN-
Pin 3: SHLD
Pin 4: CAN+
Pin 5: V+
Terminal block for Komodo CAN Interface signals

Note: The connectors and IO signals for each channel of the Komodo CAN Duo Interface are the same.

To communicate through either of these connectors, you will need to use the Komodo Software API. For information, please refer to the API Documentation section of the Komodo CAN Interface User Manual. Also, functional example programs are provided with the API, which can be used as is or modified as needed.

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