Which Protocol Analyzer and Options Can I Use to Filter, Capture, Decode, and Analyze Packets Streaming from the USB Video Devices Class (UVC)?

Question from the Customer:

I am part of an A/V “A-team” that is hired to come in post-production to analyze and troubleshoot video recordings. The market is flooded with camera technology and I find myself working on files captured by any number of devices. I am looking for a protocol analyzer that will support UVC -USB Video Devices Clas...

Engineering and Sports: More Similar Than You Think

Sports and Engineering

The field of Sports Engineering is rapidly growing and becoming more popular on an international level, since it unites two seemingly dissimilar interests: the physically demanding world of sports, and the intellectually intense world of technology and engineering.

But, as this field of study rises into prominence, it is worthwhile to ask: in...

10 Electrical Engineering Universities You Need to Apply To

universitiesSource: Engineering Schools

You are a science and math whiz, and you have a passion for computer systems and digital systems design. There are many options available that will let you turn your passions into a degree that will land your dream job. But how are you to know the perfect choice that will also encompass your acquired skills?

This fo...