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The Life Sum of an Engineering Student

What is this sundown-to-sunup Spring Break shindig in Miami? We have a better definition of a party.


 Total Phase Engineering Student

Photo source: Quick Meme

Freshman or senior, surviving as an engineering student is no easy feat.  Knee deep in programming, architecture and modeling homework, surviving off ramen noodles and wearing last week’s dirty jeans because there is no time to do laundry are dilemmas all too familiar to engineer students. All the late hours, bad food, struggles and stress to achieve less than perfect scores and mere B’s as final grades.

A Forbes online contributor remembers his years at college, remarking:

“So here I was taking extremely hard courses, working 3x as many hours as my peers for crappier grades.”

Yes, these are the story of our student-engineer lives! It’s crazy, but it’s a means to an end - an extremely rewarding end. Though it may be rough, we learn so much during those formative years, and the lessons are ones that won’t easily be forgotten or traded. All that aside, for now, let’s ignore the first tip listed in the article, “A Guide to College Life as a First-Year Engineering Student” posted on TopUniversities.com. The article starts off with “never procrastinate” but we are going to take a moment to enjoy the lighter side of life - laughter. That being said, let’s kick back and add a little humor to these demanding times, make the going a littler and more bearable.



Photo source: Quora

No matter how hard we try… there is always something else to do! Bigger and Better is the name of the game. Here is a literal example of our lives’ progression.


 Total Phase Engineering Student Homework

Photo source: Quora

Sometimes, no matter how hard we study – average is success… and we are proud!


 Total Phase Engineering Student Self Esteem

Photo source: Daily Bhaskar

Hmm… Was majoring in engineering the right decision? Let’s just hug it out for now.


 Total Phase Sympathy for Engineering Student

Photo source: Daily Bhaskar

There is an entire new relationship status for us, after all, because it’s, sometimes, all the love that we’ve got.


 Total Phase Engineering Student Relationship

Photo source: 22 Meme Internet

We thought college was supposed to be all fun and games…


 Total Phase Engineering Student and Business

Photo source: Quick Meme

Over complication is our nature... and we are proud.


 Total Phase Engineering Student

Photo source: Ichme Blog

At the end of the day, despite our hardships, we know this is what we’re meant to do.


 Total Phase Chosen Engineering Student

Photo source: Quora

This world needs more engineers, so no matter how tough college seems, stay the course for the sake of the planet! You will always be surrounded by people who have been through the same fire, and came out the other side stronger, and with a greater sense of humor and appreciation.


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