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New Data Center Software Release: Version 4.0 Offers Added Support for Classes and Customizable GUI

Data Center 4.0 Software Release

We are very excited about the release of the new Data Center™ 4.0 Software, the latest version of our protocol analysis software, and the industry's only true real-time protocol analysis for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

We now have expanded support for USB class-level decoding of Video, Printer, CDC (communications device class), DFU (device firmware upgrade), and Still Image (PTP) classes. With more classes, more developers can take advantage of class-level decoding to speed up their analysis, development, and debugging.

Additionally, our GUI is now customizable!  We have always had a reputation for intuitive layout and user-friendly features.  Now, the interface is even more interactive, and allows you to modify and change the display to fit your needs and focus on the information that is most relevant for your application.  Of course, the Data Center software still offers hierarchical transaction grouping and advanced filtering capabilities to make data as accessible as possible.

Other new features include an improved hex editor, bandwidth meter, timing tools with shifting time reference, comment support, and automatic update checking.

Visit our website to see the new Data Center 4.0 Software!

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