Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter

Versatility for Emulation, Prototyping, and Programming

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Versatile tool well-suited to a variety of applications with its seamless integration.

Easy to Use

We aim to make our tools quick to learn and easy to use. Quickly interface to Windows, Linux or Mac OS X via USB. We also offer free Software GUIs to quickly communicate with your system.


Use for I2C or SPI systems by emulating a master or a slave. In addition to the Software GUIs, we offer a full API for designing custom applications and utilizing advanced features.


We make it possible for companies to provide every developer with their own interface, meaning higher productivity and shorter development cycles.

Key Features

USB to I2C/SPI Interface

  • Master or slave emulation
  • EEPROM/Flash programming
  • I2C speeds up to 800 kHz
  • SPI speeds up to 8 MHz
  • General Program IOs available
  • In-system or stand-alone programming

Control Center Software

  • Simplified transmission of I2C and SPI messages
  • Automate tasks with XML-based batch scripts

Flash CenterTM Software

  • Extensible XML-based parts library with built-in support for EEPROMs and Flash memory Aardvark API
  • Create custom software applications
  • Example files included
  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

USB Bus-Powered

  • Portable
  • No extra power adapters needed


Display Data Channel (DDC)

System Management Bus (SMBus)

Power Management Bus (PMBus)


Smart Battery Bus (SBBus)

Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)

Two-Wire Interface (TWI)


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